Saturday, November 28, 2009

Strive For Greatness

A very good friend of mine encouraged me with a story of a man who's daily mission was summed up in the word, "Greatness."  Of course we can't always be great, but why not try?  Why not live like today's our last, and we want to make the absolute most of it?

I started to think about my roles as husband, father, teacher, friend -- how can striving for greatness impact those around me?  How can one man's goal for greatness make the world a better place?  I humbly hope that I can make a difference every day, but just what's possible?

As an educator, I'm always looking for ways to open up the world for students.  All of us face limitations of some sort, so I started brainstorming things that would make teaching more perfect.  In the coming weeks, I'll blog about these "knobs" and ponder how to make them a reality.  Do you have a daily mission that helps you through each day?  We are blessed with life and a chance to make a difference.  Won't you seize your opportunity to be great?

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